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Retirement Without Regrets

Retirement Without Regrets

If you haven't put as much focus on planning the non-financial side of retirement as you did the money, you could be headed for disappointment, or worse. In 2020, as many as 4.4 million seniors struggled with alcoholism, addiction, depression, mental health issues and thoughts of suicide brought on by the challenges of retirement. The sad face is, without careful planning, you can fail at retirement, no matter how much money you have. Fortunately, that can be avoided by taking time now to develop a comprehensive retirement plan that looks beyond just the money. That's where I come in.

Retirement is the new middle age.

Today, you can expect to live 20, 30, or even 40+ years after you retire. The options are endless, and they're all yours, if you start planning them now. What would you like to do?

  • Start a business?

  • Start a nonproit?

  • Follow a passion?

  • Write a book?

  • Travel the globe?

  • Live overseas?

  • Be a great grandparent?

  • Do community service?

  • Improve Relationships?

  • Do your bucket list?

  • Become a teacher?

  • Be a coach or mentor?

You know what you're retiring from, but have you thought about what you're retiring to?





Your success in your career was about more than luck, it was about planning and taking advantage of the opportunities that were in front of you. The same thing holds true for your retirement.

There's something else that is even more true now, building a RETIREMENT WITH NO REGRETS is NOT A D-I-Y project. You need a partner to help you clear away all the distractions and roadblocks that keep getting in the way. AND who can help you build the Confidence that comes with Clarity, a Plan, and the knowledge of how to maximize the fantastic possibilities in front of you.

I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is, it’s harder than you think. The good news is, it’s much easier than you’re making it. The key: Don't try to to it alone!

What Others Don't Tell You


When you look for help planning a great retirement, you’ll quickly discover that most of what is out there centers around strategies to make you money, save you money, or maximize your money.

What you don't Hnd, are the tools and coaching you need to help you make your next beginning the best time of your life. And if you've already retired and are discovering it's not as fun and fulHlling as you thought it would be, don't worry. Financial strategies are helpful, but they're only one piece of the puzzle.

You worked to build your portfolio, but your time, and what you do with it, is even more valuable than your savings!

Designing your retirement is about thinking in new ways, discovering fresh ideas, and taking action now. Whether you're 50 or 70, the way to insure your retirement lives up to your dreams, is to create a plan and act on it today.

The key is creating the right foundations first. The right foundations will build those critical relationships and resources you need for success. It's fun to explore more possibilities, but start with what will give you the best rewards now, and what will lay the best foundations for tomorrow.

That’s why we start you strong by eliminating old stories and beliefs that block you from seeing and achieving the retirement you want and deserve. Then we guide you in building core understanding and foundations that will turn you into a magnet for attracting the kinds of quality people, experiences, and rewards that make retirement all it can be, whatever your resources.

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