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  • John Hagerman

Training Completed -- Certified Professional Retirement Coach

I'm proud to announce that I received confirmation today that I have passed my final exam to become a Certified Professional Retirement Coach. The program is a welcome addition to my previous coaching training and skills. The program includes a number of very specific tools I can use to help my clients design the non-financial aspect of the retirement. As a newly minted member of the Certified Retirement Coach Organization, I will be able to use a host of new tools to help my clients make their retirement the best years of their lives.

For too long, Americans have been taught that all they have to do to have a great retirement is to save enough money. Money is an important part of having a stabile and enjoyable retirement, but it's not the most important. The most important component of any retirement, and the most valuable by a mile, is time. Money may give you some freedoms in retirement, but without a solid plan for your time, purpose, activities, opportunities, relationships, goals, and more, it's easy to fall prey to feelings of lack of purpose, boredom, lose of relevance, and even depression.

With the training I've received as a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, coupled with my other coaching training, and years of business and personal development experience, I'm excited to help more people create the quality, purpose-filled, and joyful retirement they want and deserve!

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