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  • John Hagerman

8 Things Solopreneurs Over 50 NEED to Know BEFORE They LAUNCH Their New Business

Solopreneurs over 50 have often waited years before escaping corporate hell and deciding to launch their dream business. They dig through blogs, articles, group posts, and magazines looking for tactics and strategies that will get them started fast and profitably. Unfortunately, being in a hurry at the wrong time can sink the dream before it has a chance to succeed. Here are 8 things every solopreneur needs to do BEFORE they launch. First, do you have a blockbuster mindset? Do you have any stories, beliefs, attitudes, etc., that block or distract you from getting where you want to go? If you hear that "little voice in your head tell you 'You can't', or 'You don't know how', or ​​​'You're not good enough', or anything like that, you've got mindset work to do. No matter what strategies or tactics you try, they're likely to fail if you've got self-limiting beliefs getting in the way. Working with someone to get those beliefs out of the way has to be the first thing you do. ​Second, do you have a magnetic brand story? I'm not talking about your logo and a catchy tagline, I'm talking about a brand story that incorporates who you are at your core, why you're doing what you're doing, why nobody else does it the way you do, and why prospects would literally be nuts to work with anybody except you. A magnetic brand story will inform everything that follows. ​Third, are you absolutely clear on your Ideal Client? I'm not talking about demographics, or 'anybody who'll work with me or buy from me.' Finding 'those' people will lead to burnout and disillusionment. The Ideal Client I'm talking about are the people who you personally want to spend your time with because of the reward you feel inside working with them. Your Ideal Client should make you happy go get out of bed every morning. Oh, BTW, when you are clear about who they are, they're easy to find, and guess what, they'll be so happy you found them, that they'll jump at the chance to work you. ​Fourth, do you have irresistible messaging? If you do, it will call out your Ideal Client, speak to their pain, and the solution only you offer. If you have irresistible messaging, and you use it to inform your website, Facebook, advertising, and networking, your clients will be attracted to you and happy they found you. ​Fifth, are your offers clear and compelling? Do they quietly overcome objections before they're even raised? If not, you have more work to do. ​Sixth, have you developed a potent outline for authentic enrollment conversations? If you're clear about everything above, it's pretty easy to develop a basic script for you re-enrollment conversations that will end with prospects asking you how they signup. ​Seventh, once you have absolute clarity on all the steps above, and you're consistently implementing them, you're ready to develop the nuts and bolts of admin, accounting, employees, etc. You need to have the basic tasks set, as well as the core foundations. ​When everything above is done, you actually have a business with a good chance of success. If you're not clear about it all, spending money on a website, or other tactics and strategies, is spending money on the wrong thing at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. Get clear on them all and you'll know exactly what you most need to make your business a success. ​Finally, creating a successful business is not a D-I-Y project. You have a passion, or unique experience, or you know a better way of doing things -- these are your strengths. To leverage what you have, to maximize it, don't try to do it all on your own. Rather, find a coach, mentor, guide, advisor, consultant, or someone else you trust, who knows how to help you through creating a core foundation on which to build a successful business. ​What you'll discover is, it's all much harder than you think it is. It's also much easier than you're making it. If found this piece useful, I have a free offer – a List of 17 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Hire a Coach, Advisor or Guide.

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