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John's Curriculum Vitae

With two degrees in writing, and decades of personal development and training, John is a master storyteller who uncovers the stories we tell ourselves to guide clients in healing and growth. The goal is new clarity, confidence, and

ability for clients to design and build the quality of life they want and deserve



AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE CONSERVATORY, Los Angeles, California                                            1991

MFA in Screenwriting


AUGSBURG COLLEGE, Minneapolis, Minnesota                                                                                  1988

BA in Creative Writing 


DAVID BAYER                                                                                                                                2022-2023

Whole Human Framework


DAVID BAYER                                                                                                                                        2022

Powerful Living Experience


DAVID KEY                                                                                                                                            2022

NLP Practitioner Course


DAVID NEWMAN                                                                                                                                   2021

DoIt! Sales


DAVID BAYER                                                                                                                                       2021



DAVID BAYER                                                                                                                                       2021

Mind Hack


DAVID NEWMAN                                                                                                                                  2019

DoIt! Marketing


NEW VENTURES WEST                                                                                                                      2005

6-month Personal Development Program

12-month Integral Coaching Program


INTEGRITY SOLUTIONS                                                                                                                      2004

Integrity Coaching




TAKODA INSTITUTE, Minnesota                                                                                                   

Full-time instructor teaching the following courses:

•  “Introduction to Business Writing” - 4 sections

•  “Advanced Business Writing (Public Relations)” - 4 sections

•  “Public Speaking” - 4 sections


GLOBE UNIVERSITY, Minnesota                                                                                                             

Adjunct Instructor teaching the following courses:

•  “Film in Society” - 2 sections

•  “Business Communications” - 2 sections

•  “Introduction to Business” - 2 sections

•  “Global Citizenship” 2 - sections


RASMUSSEN COLLEGE, Eagan, Minnesota                                                                                                

Adjunct Instructor :

•  “Introduction to Film” - 1 section


NORMANDALE COLLEGE                                                                                                                     

Team taught semester of Creative Writing as BA degree requirement





INSPIRED ELF PUBLICATIONS, Wayzata, Minnesota                                                                    


•  Wrote and published A Parent’s Guide to Santa Claus: 101 Ways to Create Christmas Magic

•  Co-Authored Learning to Fly: Lessons From a Real Life Superhero Business book about working with a sense of purpose




•  Wrote screen adaptation of Knight Fall by Mary Monica Pulver,  currently in pre-production with Third Hemisphere Films in Minnesota

•  Wrote original feature length screenplay, What Gifts We Give, currently being read by two production companies

•  Wrote screen adaptation of best-selling books, Through Gates of Splendor and Savage My Kinsmen by Elisabeth Elliott, hired by Schmidt/Ross Productions of Orange County, CA

•  Developed first-ever branching story structure (now standard in gaming industry) and wrote original script for computer game CyberRace, based on artwork by award-wining futurist Syd Mead (Star Wars, Alien, Tron, Elysium)


TWIN CITIES HABITAT FOR HUMANITY                                                                             

Communications & Visual Storytelling


TAKODA INSTITUTE, Minnesota                                                                                                   

Business Writing, Public Relations Writing, Public Speaking Instructor as well as Digital Marketer for American Indian OIC


GLOBE UNIVERSITY, Minnesota                                                                                                     

Business Management, Business Communications and Film Instructor


RASMUSSEN COLLEGE, Minnesota                                                                                                           

Film Instructor


ONTEND CREATIVE PARTNERS, Excelsior, Minnesota                                                                   

Documentary Film Producer, Chief Operations Officer, Marketing Manager

•  Produced award winning documentary film Top Performer based on best-selling book

•  Developed marketing and communications effort that led to $2 million in 1st year sales

•  Collaborated on creative development and management of 20 city training tour

•  Built international film distribution network reaching 5 continents


EPISCOPAL RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT, Minnesota                                                                

Statewide coordinator of International Relief and Development efforts (volunteer)

•  Generated sevenfold increase in donations 1st year as coordinator

•  Built and trained statewide network of parish representatives

•  Delivered keynote addresses on relief and development efforts statewide

•  Wrote and designed educational training materials

•  Produced Spirited Folk Concert Series and tsunami benefit CD


ARNOLD KOPELSON PRODUCTIONS, Los Angeles, California                                                    

Feature film script analyst


UNICORN STRINGS MUSIC COMPANY, Wayzata                                                                          

President of folk music instrument marketing and sales company

•  Produced internationally distributed educational videos and music CDs

•  Developed all marketing, communications and training materials

•  Delivered live presentations as well as individual training

•  Generated numerous print and broadcast stories





•  CO-AUTHORED AND PUBLISHED Learning to Fly: Lessons From a Real Life Superhero                                    2014

            -  co-author was best-selling business author

            -  book is about wholehearted engagement in your work and your life


•  AUTHORED AND PUBLISHED BOOK A Parent’s Guide to Santa Claus: 101 Ways to Create Christmas Magic            2009

  •   received excellent reviews and media coverage


•  PRODUCER CORPORATE DOCUMENTARY Top Performer                                                                         2007  

  •   won Aegis award for Producing

  •   based on best-selling book by the same name

  •   foundation for national training events at Hampton Hotels, Best Buy and Outback

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