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My Story

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Whenever anything happens in our lives, big or small, as humans, we instantly make up a story about what it means, then we live the rest of our lives as though the story we made up was true. These stories accumulate and become the unconscious script we live our lives by. For most of us, there is one particular incident that lays at the foundation of our beliefs about ourselves, and it affects every aspect of our lives…as long as we let it.


For me, that event was a childhood trauma. I suffered from PTSD, but didn’t know it, and it directed my life for 30 years. It kept influencing my life up until a few years ago.

The story I made up about it had lots of layers, but the part of the story with the most impact was, “I don’t deserve good things in my life, like success, friendship, trust, etc.”


Recently, having been diagnosed with PTSD and being treated for it, the trauma I’d suffered made me feel small, weak and powerless. It’s taken me a long time, but I finally reached the point where I knew beyond all doubt that my calling was to help others regain their power. I decided I wanted to help other use their recovered power to open the door to being filled with energy, joy and purpose. My goal is to help others live life powerfully, the way we were all meant to live.


I had successes in business, like being named top manager out of 2200; building two small business I owned to being the largest in their niches world-wide; launching a customer service training to multi-million dollar success in less than a year; and being named an elite Super-Agent – twice. But until I made the decision to helping other live powerfully, I’d always found a way to let my story stop me from achieving the level of success, fulfillment and joy I’d always wanted. Now, helping others learn how to live powerfully has become my joyous compulsion.


Whether it’s helping someone plan how to live a fantastic retirement, start or grow a business or non-profit, live a great adventure, build a community, or gain the fulfillment of personal relationships, I get out of bed each morning ready to transform lives.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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