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Blockbuster Business

Confidence comes from having a bullet-proof mindset and core business foundations required for any enterprise to succeed.

Once clients have developed a blockbuster mind – and it can happen far faster than you might imagine - they are better equipped to deal with the fears, frustrations, challenges, and desires, that come with being an entrepreneur, whether they are pre-launch, or ready to scale. Because clients actually do the work, they are better able to understand when it’s time to grow, and understand the steps they need to get to the next level.

The goal is for clients to create absolute clarity around the foundations of their business. They get clear on their theme, business vision, brand story, marketing, and learning to be a magnet to attract the people, support, and energy needed to succeed. In the process, they gain the confidence of knowing where they want to go, and how to get there.


With this knowledge, they can focus on the right niche, and own it. They get intimately familiar with their Ideal Client, and learn the process of constantly refining it. They learn how to craft irresistible messaging that fully engages customers. They create irresistible offers that are almost impossible to refuse. They discover their own unique value and proprietary methodology – what makes them stand out above everyone else. And they develop the ability to have powerful enrollment conversations.


This isn't a magic pill strategy. It's an easy to understand, and highly effective way to laying the foundations of a AgelessBusiness. Are you ready to start today?

Business Foundations Mentoring
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"Mentoring generates confidence by creating clarity. It helps clients build the bullet-proof mindset, and lay the key foundations, every business requires if hopes to succeed." 

If clients focus on strategies, and funnels, and website, or social media, before they've laid strong foundations, they tend to do the wrong things, at the wrong times, for the wrong reasons. It can waste time and money. It can also kill a business.


From pre-launch, to growth, to scale, I help clients take maximum advantage of the opportunities in front of them. I also help them become better equipped to deal with the fears, frustrations, and challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. Because clients actually do the work, they get equipped to understand, and implement, the steps they need to get to the next level.


I don't offer a "magic pill." I guide clients to understand the processes so they'll be able to continue growing their businesses long after they finished working with me. Clients learn how to:


  • build a bullet-proof purpose & mindset

  • grow a clear business vision

  • clarify what makes you stand out above the rest

  • create a compelling brand story

  • laser focus on the right niche, and own it

  • learn to deeply understand their Ideal Client

  • craft irresistible messaging that engages customers

  • generate irresistible offers clients can't refuse 

  • develop powerful enrollment conversations

"When you start by getting absolute CLARITY about WHAT you want, the HOW will reveal itself naturally."


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When you have absolute clarity about where you want to go, the pathway there appears clearly. It's called having the rock solid foundations, and you build them one question at a time.


  • What purpose and values compel you forward?

  • How are they reflected in your business? 

  • Have you figured out how big you want to play?

  • Are you clear about what will be different when you get there, and why it matters to you? 

  • Do you know how to transform the little voice in your head from "I can't" to "let's go?"

  • Have you spelled out what makes you different?

  • Why would clients be crazy not to work with you? 

  • Who, specifically, do you want to work with?

  • Why would they be nuts to work with anyone else?

  • Have you crafted offers your clients can't refuse? 

  • Are you comfortable with enrolling customers?

A World of Experience

Everything I've done in my career has prepared me to better help you start and grow your business. I've spent 50+ years as a serial entrepreneur, earned a BA in Creative Writing, an MFA in Screenwriting, and spent over 1500 hours in training to be a coach. I've built one business to the biggest in its niche worldwide, and taken another startup to multi-million dollar status in under one year. In the process, I've created a unique methodology that can help you get your new venture started, and/or predictably growing, in 6 months of less. 

John Hagerman

John Hagerman

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